Ask any bowhunter to list the three things that he likes most about bowhunting and I would bet that one of the three would be sharing the experience with friends.  The problem with bowhunting is that staying invisible to the game’s eyes and ears is paramount to success and it’s just not that easy to hide you and all your buddies in a tree.  For this reason the comradery shared is mostly back at camp or home.

In comes turkey hunting out of ground blinds.  This is one of the few unique situations that with a little ground blind work you can take your friends and family and be successful.  I was fortunate enough to harvest a beautiful Kansas Tom with my brother sitting two feet to my left and my good friend Michael Hunsucker sitting directly behind me.  Sharing that hunt with them will be burned into my bowhunting hard drive forever!  My next goal will be to harvest a Tom with my two year old daughter in the blind with me.  If that isn’t a challenge, I don’t know what is.  That will be an unusual sight to see, Thomas the Train books sitting next to a scratch call.  One thing is for sure though. Whether we harvest a bird or not, the time spent with my daughter will be priceless to her father.  Hopefully soon I can tell the Wired To Hunt Nation all about the adventure.  Later guys and don’t be afraid to get your friends and family out in the turkey blinds with you!

Matt White – avid bowhunter and member of Heartland Bowhunter