I recently picked up a new Moultrie i40 trail cam and I thought I would quickly share my preliminary thoughts with ya’ll. When I was looking for a new camera last week, I was primarily concerned in getting a good deal on a middle of the road camera. What I settled on was the Moutrie i40, which according to my research was comparable to a Cuddeback Capture, but a little more affordable for a young guy like me. I was actually able to purchase my camera on the Moultrie official website, as a refurb with a 1-year warranty,  for $119 bucks! This same camera retails for $199 at Cabelas, so I was pretty happy with this find. I knew this wouldn’t be the most amazing camera, but I wanted to focus more on accumulating a higher quantity of decent cameras, rather than just one or two really good/expensive ones.

My Initial Thoughts on the Camera and Picture Quality

  • Picture quality in “enhanced mode” was really nice, much better than my other two cameras
  • My color photos looked great, my night shots with infrared were about what you can expect with a typical IR
  • Of 119 shots on the camera, less than 10 captured any wildlife. Whether this was because of slow trigger speed, my own set-up, or just the realities of wind, I’m not sure.
  • I had one MAJOR issue. When trying to switch my camera from “set up” mode to “auto mode”, it would not allow me to switch. I was essentially stuck in “set up”, which means that my camera would not take pictures if I left it. I messed with it for 5 or 10 minutes and finally removed the SD card, powered the camera off and then on again, and this then allowed me to switch to “auto.” This was pretty annoying.

Overall I’d say I’m pretty happy. I knew this wouldn’t be the perfect camera, but provided I don’t have any more issues with my “auto” mode, this ought to be a serviceable and afordable addition to my scouting camera arsenal. If you don’t have a lot of money to throw at cameras, this may be a good option for you to get started with. Here are a few of the pics I captured with my new Moultrie i40.