You don’t need fancy farming equipment to successfully plant food plots. That right there might be one of the greatest take aways I have gotten from “Ultimate Deer Food Plots.” Ed has discovered and fine tuned some terrific strategies for creating food plots in remote locations with nothing but hand held tools. In fact, you only absolutely need four tools total! Lets examine these four essential tools of the trade and Ed’s recommendations on each.

  1. Backpack Sprayer: Ed recommends a 3 to 5 gallon backpack sprayer, an example being the Solo Model No. 425. This will be key for you to spray and kill the current vegetation and scrub in your food plot site. Recommended accessories were a 20 inch extension for the sprayer and replacing the plastic nozzle with a stainless steel version.
  2. Non-selective Herbicide: i.e. Roundup. Who doesn’t love Roundup? That stuff is the go-to spray for pretty much anyone who hates weeds and it will certainly do a number on the plants that aim to compete with your food plot seeds. It kills pretty much anything and it is relatively low in toxicity. In addition, Ed also recommends using ammonium sulfate, which is a high nitrogen fertilizer that breaks down the protective coating on plant leaves, making it more susceptible to your herbicide/Roundup. 1/4 cup Roundup and 1/4 cup granular ammonium sulfate per gallon of water is recommended.
  3. Hand-operated Shoulder-mounted  Spreader: You will use this to broadcast your fertilizer and seed. Ed recommended the EarthWay Ev-n Spread model 3100, which can hold 40 lbs and broadcast 18 ft wide strips.
  4. Chainsaw: This is pretty self explanatory, you’re going to need a saw to clear out unwanted trees, brush, scrub. A small to medium size is probably all you need.

If you’re hoping to create food plots in hard to reach areas, rest assured it can be done. Using the right equipment and sound strategy, you can be hunting over some terrific isolated food plots this fall. Make sure to consider these four essentials before heading out to plant your next remote plot!

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