I wrote a couple months back about a new show on the Outdoor Channel called Jimmy Big Time. This show is essentially a spoof on hunting shows and it’s damn funny. Jimmy Big Time is the best thing to happen since sliced bread, according to himself, and his antics on screen and in the woods are a welcome change from the normal sit and shoot shows you see on TV today. I would describe this show as watching Will Ferrell playing Ron Burgundy or Ricky Bobby, but putting him into the hunting TV industry. Classic stuff. I always love a good laugh and it’s even better when it can come while watching someone trying to hunt deer! So I’ve been a fan of Jimmy for awhile now. That being said,  I was pretty excited when the Wired To Hunt Nation was sent a direct message from the man himself! The new Jimmy Big Time DVD has just been released and ya’ll ranked high enough in his book to hear the word directly from the horses mouth…

Hey Wired to Hunt Nation – got a gaping hole in your life?  Fill it with Jimmy.  The Big Time Season 1 DVD is out and available at jimmybigtime.com.  Now you can have a little Jimmy in your house 24-7-365.  Could it get any better than that?
The world’s foremost authority on everything outdoors giving you and your family a daily tutorial on how it’s done.  And darn easy on the eyes ta boot.  Get your DVD, grab a cold one and be prepared to be blown away again and again.  Watch a little Jimmy and really get Wired to Hunt!

You can visit www.JimmyBigTime.com to learn more about the Jimmer and to pick up a DVD for yourself!