Tuesday night I stopped by Cabelas to pick up a new block target, but ended up getting a little trigger happy and bought a bunch of hunting DVD’s. As I was walking out the door, I stopped to consider how many different shows and videos I’ve watched over the years. It’s a lot. Why in the world do I keep watching them? Shouldn’t they get old?

Unfortunately for my girlfriend and my wallet, for me they never do and I think that it’s for two reasons. First and foremost, I’m just fascinated with deer and hunting them. I just can’t get enough. It might be an unhealthy obsession. But I also keep watching them because I really do think you can learn a lot from these shows. That being said,  here are a few of the things that I like to watch for in my hunting shows and DVDs that have helped me become a better hunter.

  1. Certain shows will tell you the age or antler inches a deer has after it’s been harvested. These shows can be a lot of fun to watch if you try and guess what the age and size is before they tell you. In the long run this will help you make more accurate on the hoof judgement calls. It also makes a great drinking game!
  2. Watch how hunters make their shot selections. By watching many different kill shots, you can learn to identify what angles and positions are best for taking an accurate shot. In addition you can learn ways of achieving better shots. For example, when I was watching some deer hunting shows a number of years back and I picked up on hunters using a soft mouth bleat or grunt to get deer to stop in a shooting lane. That same year I used that technique to kill my first buck with a bow.
  3. If you like to film your hunts, watching other shows is a great way to get creative ideas. Seeing the great angles or artistic shots that others have captured can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing.
  4. Watching deer is definitely one of the best ways to learn about deer behavior and this is true whether it be in person or on the TV. Albeit being in person is better, but you can still learn a thing or two second hand through a DVD. Pay attention to how deer react to certain situations or variables. Someday you might find yourself in the same situation and after watching it on tv, you might have just a little bit better idea of how to handle it yourself.

So the next time your girlfriend or wife questions you about why you could possibly need another hunting dvd, hopefully you’ll be able to honestly say that its for educational purposes (at least partially haha) and you’ll have some points to back it up!

And if anyone wants to join me in Michigan to play the Monster Bucks drinking game, let me know!