The next generation of hunters have truly harnessed technology to build and keep in touch with the outdoors community. We share pictures, stories and news through forums, Facebook, email, blogs and text messages. But recently one new mode of communication has made quite a splash across the country and that is Twitter.
You might be skeptical, but I assure you that Twitter is not just a place you can go to read about what time Oprah used the bathroom last. No, Twitter is actually a favorite haunt of many hunters as well! With Twitter you can follow updates from your favorite celebrity hunters, connect with buddies and keep up to date on hunting tips and news in real time! So today I thought I would share with you my top 40 favorite hunting twitter accounts to follow. Check these folks out, stay up to date in the hunting world and connect with your fellow blood brothers and sisters!
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Top 40 Hunters To Follow On Twitter

(In no particular order)
  • @TeamHBTV: The Heartland Bowhunter crew posts great updates and news
  • @GotHunts: Keep up to date with Corey Glauner of Outdoors International, an online outfitter booking website
  • @BullsandBeavers: Get news and insights from the owner of, an outdoors enthusiast site
  • @BlakeShelton: Possibly the most entertaining person on Twitter, country music star/hunter Blake Shelton is a riot
  • @TboneOutdoors: News, stories and updates from Travis “T-bone” Turner of Realtree and Bone Collector
  • @BoogerBottom: Tweets straight Michael Waddel of Realtree and Bone Collectors
  • @TheCrushTV: This account is ran by Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush and Whitetail Freaks
  • @Jeremy_Juhasz: A young hunter and creator of The Peep Site Blog
  • @BMNation: Stories and news from Buck Masters
  • @DayneShuda: Dayne is an avid hunter and creator of Hunting Business Marketing
  • @Collin_Cottrell: Web designer, avid hunter and member of Reality Bowhunting TV
  • @QDMA: Follow updates from the Quality Deer Management Association
  • @WhitetailFreaks: Kandi Kiski of Whitetail Freaks runs this twitter account
  • @MikeHanback: Check out great news and big buck stories from Mike Hanback
  • @Cabelas: Keep up to date on promotions and news about your local Cabelas
  • @TNTExplosionTV: Follow Todd Cast from TNT Outdoor Explosion
  • @GearFrenzy: These guys are constantly offering up promo codes and sales for
  • @greenoutdoors: News from Ryan Holem of the environmentally minded outdoor blog Green Outdoors
  • @thehunterswife: Tales from the wife of a hunter
  • @JimmyBigTimeTV: If you’re looking for a laugh, follow Jimmy, the biggest name in hunting today lol
  • @WindedBowhunter: Lots of great hunting/outdoors news updates from the creator of
  • @JoshDerouin: An employee of the Sportsman Channel, get updates about the channel and other hunting info
  • @JeremyHoefs: Another great hunter and blogger
  • @Mafia_Godfather: Get updates about the Whitetail Mafia crew and website
  • @ThomasAllenIV: Tom from Outdoor Pursuits Radio keeps us in the loop
  • @RickyBuck: Another great hunter and community member
  • @DreamDirt: Look for news from the Whitetail Properties team and
  • @GinaBrunson: Gina Brunson of Addicted to the Outdoors
  • @HawgsNSonsTV: Updates and videos from Hawgs N Sons
  • @NYBowhunter: is a great blog focused on deer hunting in NY.
  • @OutDChannel: Updates from the outdoor channel
  • @DanSchmidtDeer: Dan Schmidt, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting keeps us posted
  • @BenGOutdoors: Another great hunter and blogger to stay in touch with
  • @FieldandStream: Field and Stream magazine news and stories
  • @DetNewsOutdoors: Updates and news from Michigan
  • @Deer_Hunting: A collection of news related to deer hunting
  • @bowhunting1: Updates from the team
  • @HuntingLife: News and stories from the crew at
  • @Tsorenson: Another great hunter and active hunting community member
  • @Bignjindustries: Follow updates from Big & J, one of the hottest new companies in the industry

If you have any other good hunters on Twitter that you would recommend, please share it with us in the comments!