A couple weeks back I was chatting whitetails with a buddy and we some-how got on the topic of scent control and the obsessions we both had. We both followed the usual routine of washing our gear and showering with scent-free soap, keeping all of our hunting equipment in scent-tight containers and then spraying ourselves down with odor eliminator before heading into the woods. I’m pretty sure that at this point both of our girlfriends rolled their eyes and began discussing how the two of us shared another thing in common. Insanity.

That point aside, I then asked him if he ever bothered eliminating his breath odor with something like the “scent free gum” that came out a few years back. He hadn’t and neither have I, but he did have another interesting solution to battle bad breath in the deer woods. Every time he went out to hunt, he ate an apple on the way to his stand, rubbed the core on the bottom of his boots and continued on his way. Simple, but intriguing, so I stored this little nugget in my mind for future consideration.

Fast forward to this weekend, as I was reading the newest issue of Deer & Deer Hunting. In an article titled “10 Tips for Better Bowhunting”,  Charles Alsheimer states “carry an apple with you and suck on a chuck of it as you sit in your stand. Apples are nature’s toothbrush and will take away unwanted breath odors.”

After again hearing about this unconventional idea, I had to do a little digging. Turns out it’s scientifically proven that apples can help fight bad breath because of their pectin content and the fact that they cause you to salivate heavily. Pectin is a type of fiber that naturally neutralizes odors that are common in your mouth and the increase of saliva production helps reduce plaque build up, which is another major source of odor.

So there it is, both Charles Alsheimer and my buddy, who dropped a P&Y monster last year after munching on this tasty fruit, have confirmed that apples might be the simplest and most effective way to control your mouth odor while hunting.

So although I can’t prove that they’ll keep the doctor away, I think it’s safe to say that an apple a day might just keep a deer’s nose at bay.

Ever tried this before? How’d it work? Have any other unconventional tips for controlling odor? Share them in the comments!