Last week a buddy and I trekked back into the corn, trailcams in tow while being flocked by mosquitos like we were the last damn mammals on the planet. We raced in to my honey hole, trimmed out a tree and set up from camera overlooking a great travel corridor. I’m relieved to finally know that the work was worth it. My patience was lacking this week and I went back to the camera 8 days after setting it up to download the pics. I was pleased to see that I got my first velvet buck and a whole slew of nice doe pics. Here’s a few of the shots I got.

Since I moved here to my farm in January, visuals or pics of bucks have been very hard to come by. This buck is obviously nothing to write home about, but I was excited to see him none the less. The antlers on this guy aren’t impressive, but he seems to have decent body mass. I’m putting my money on him being a 2.5 year old 6 point when it’s all said and done. Although according to the “Antler Growth Timeline” I posted earlier this year, all main points should be growing by now. I don’t know, but I see this deer getting at least 6. As for age, antlers would indicate a yearling, but this is Michigan and I do think the body looks a bit full for a one year old. What do you guys think?

Hopefully will have a lot more pics to come and I sure hope I can put some eyes or cameras on a mature buck or two! Make sure to share your trailcam pics on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page too. Post your best velvet buck pics up and embarrass me and my lil buck! If I see some really good ones, I’ll post them on here too!