One of the core missions of Wired To Hunt has always been to share news and information about the newest technology and products in the hunting industry with the next generation of hunters. So I’m always particularly excited when I get unique opportunities to do just that and today I can honestly say I’m pumped.

Big & J Industries is the producer of one of the most buzzed about new products to hit the hunting industry in the last couple of years and it only made sense that the Wired To Hunt Nation would be interested. Big & J have created BB^2, standing for Bigger Bucks Bigger Bone, which is one of the most revolutionary deer supplemental feeds and attractants to see the light of day. This year has seen lots of change and tremendous growth for the company and I knew that the Wired To Hunt Nation would be looking for more information about this hot new brand. That being said, I was fortunate enough to chat with one of the founders of Big & J, Sean Wuller. Between emails and conversations over the phone, Sean has been so gracious to share with us a bit of insight into Big & J and some news about exciting things to come. Read on for an exclusive look into Big & J Industries and “discover the power of the brown bag”.

Sean, Big & J has really seemed to be generating great buzz lately, but I know there are still many hunters that don’t know who you are and what Big & J is all about. Could you start us off with some background on Big & J, what  your products are and how they were developed?

Sean: Our signature product BB^2 evolved out of a necessity our property and our lifestyles demanded.  We were tired of putting out a supplemental feed, mineral and then topping them with various attractants to lure the deer to them at all times of the year.  A good friend of ours is a nutritionist so we recruited him in helping us develop, what at the time we felt was just a product we were going to use that would give us the upper hand on our property versus our neighboring properties, we had no clue that what we had would lead us to where we are at today.  After over three years of field testing and numerous variations of the products, we finally had our patent pending formula that had been tested in every corner of the United States with flying colors.  Jeremy and I both came from construction backgrounds, working full time jobs and then heading to our property when ever we could, planting food-plots, setting up cameras and filling feeders with what we then deemed “the mix”, anticipating what we would find the next week.  After multiple months of going through thousands of photos, our friends and neighbors caught wind of what we were doing and just had to try it.  So after months of giving away thousands of pounds of product, people started asking us why we weren’t selling this stuff.  Honestly we never thought we had a chance, boy were we wrong.  Two years later, with two of the largest outdoor enthusiasts super stores now carrying our product line, and multiple independent retailers later, a business is flourishing.

As you just mentioned, it seems like Big & J is at a very exciting point in it’s life as a business. Could you speak to some of the new things happening with the company and your product?

Sean: The past 24 months have taken us on a whirl wind adventure.  We have partnered with Whitetail Properties, QDMA, Beyond the Hunt TV, Heartland Bowhunter, Huntmasters TV & Lodge, Mossy Oak Bio Logic, Hazel Creek Inc., Bow Madness, Wildlife Obsessions and Natural Born Killers to name a few.  With the addition of the Drurys coming this year, we have absolutely taken the industry by storm  Some say this is scary, but when your product performs as ours have, we call it exciting.  In addition to our TV personnel we have signed contracts with both Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas as well as many independent dealers across the nation and the list grows on a weekly basis.  We recently completely redesigned our website to allow ease of use, as well as offer our clients and potential clients the opportunity to research our products, our involvement in the community and industry, what our partners are doing, as well as feeding laws in every state.  We are more than a bag of attractant, our products are nutrition driven but our company is devoted to making our hunting heritage better for the future, that is why our core values are based on QDM practices.

That being said, could you speak about your philosophy on quality deer management and how your products can fit into a QDM plan?

Sean: QDMA is more than an organization, it is a commitment to yourselves, your family and most of all your environment.  Not only does it make your deer hunting better, but it makes everything you do better.  The values learned while working the land, studying your animals and not shooting everything that walks by, teaches you more than what you can read in a magazine.  What we learn in QDM allows us to determine our success whether it be in food-plots, timber management, prescribed burns or feeder implementation.  Our products allow you to pattern, supplement, attract and hold animals on your property while providing them with the added nutrition that will help take them to the next level.  Of course we all want to shoot 200″ deer, but what we really like about the product is that it draws them in from only a few weeks old, thus helping those fawns and yearlings to quit nursing sooner, which in return allows us to have a better herd all around.  There is no denying it, genetics play a major role, but their environment and their nutrition play a bigger role than most people realize.  By combining QDM land practices with supplemental feeding stations filled with BB^2, we feel this is the ultimate combination.  As a national sponsor of QDMA, we  feel that together we can really make deer hunting better for years to come.

You mentioned that you’ve been working with and filming with a lot of the guys in the industry, could you speak about how that’s been and who’s been the most fun to work with?

Sean: Every one of our partners brings something new and exciting to the table.  We are very fortunate to work with the best in the industry.  We have had amazing times with all of them. From turkey hunts and feeder installation with Cally Morris of Hazel Creek, to setting up a killer Kansas property with Pete Alfano from Whitetail Properties, to hanging out preseason scouting with Mark and Terry Drury, to turkey hunting with the guys from Huntmasters, to hanging with the HB crew filming new segments and teaching Rick & Julie Kreuter the finer points of deer attractants.  Being on the road the past two years we have racked up miles on the road, but most of all, memories we will always have. So to say one group is better than the other is just plain hard to do.  To be the best you have to study the best, now that they are on our team, it makes our jobs so much easier!

For more information about Big & J Industries, check out their new and improved website here.

Big & J Website