From time to time we all dream about moving to one of those whitetail hunting edens that you only seem to see on TV. That glorious piece of ground where the grass is always greener, the sun shines a little longer and the bucks carry chandeliers on their heads. But is there really such a place where boys can become men and dreams become reality?

I can’t say for sure  if a good piece of land will actually make you a man, but there are some incredible areas in this country of ours that the Whitetail Gods have shown favor to and I certainly think they are the canvas for dreams to be realized. That being said, Outdoor Life Magazine was kind enough to list a number of these areas in their top “Whitetail Wondertowns.” This list comes from a larger overall ranking of the top towns for an outdoorsman to live in America. According to Outdoor Life, these “rankings are based on the performance of hundreds of towns in various socio-economic and outdoors-related categories. Socio-economic subcategories, which make up 40 percent of the overall score, include population percent growth since 2000, median household income, median home value, cost of living, unemployment rate, population density, mean commute time and amenities. Outdoors-related subcategories, which combine to account for 60 percent of the overall score, include the gun-friendliness of each town’s state, huntable and fishable species nearby, proximity to public land and waters, and the potential for taking a trophy-caliber animal or fish nearby.

So take a look below at what Outdoor Life chose as their top “Whitetail Wondertowns”, as well as each town’s ranking in the overall outdoor category.

  • Alexandria, MN – 110
  • Ashtabula, OH – 151
  • Bartlesville, OK – 71
  • Del Rio, TX – 117
  • Eaton, MD – 37
  • Escanaba, MI – 177
  • Glasgow, MT – 34
  • Great Bend, KS – 147
  • Keokuk, IA – 119
  • Kingsville, TX – 165
  • Kirksville, MO – 122
  • Lebanon, MO – 103
  • Nebraska City, NE – 96
  • Orofino, ID – 90
  • Petoskey, MI – 89
  • Phillips, WI – 31
  • Quincy, IL – 135
  • Sandpoint, ID – 28
  • Uvalde, TX – 108
  • Valentine, NE – 104

So what do you think of this list? Is it really a sound list of the top 20 whitetail towns in your eyes? One concern of mine is that of these towns, only half of them are found in the Top 10 states for P & Y bucks. As much as I love Michigan, I would not recommend going to Petoskey or Escanaba if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime whitetail hunt. The deer just aren’t there! At least not in impressive number or size. On the other hand, towns like Quincy and Glasgow are in some of the hottest deer hunting land in the nation, respectively being located in Adams County, Illinois and near the Milk River in Montana.

So lets hear the thoughts of the Wired To Hunt Nation. Who should be added to this list and who should be off it? Share your opinion in the comments!