It’s finally here. The new season of Heartland Bowhunter premieres tonight, 6/30, on the Sportsman Channel at 10 PM EST and I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting this moment. For those of you not in the know, check out my review of HB Season 2. This show is a great example of the next generation of hunters changing the hunting TV world. Leading up to the new season I’ve been able to preview the first episode and now have gotten to chat with Heartland Bowhunter co-host, Mike Hunsucker, about what this season has in store. So without further ado, check out my interview with Mike as we cover what’s new for Season 3, how this past fall went and his advice for the next generation of hunters!

So first, Mike can you tell us how you got involved in Heartland Bowhunter and what your role is on the team?

Mike: I got involved with HB way back when it was just getting started. Shawn’s dad Rex owns a machine shop that produces our HB Sniper Pro tree arm and at the time Larry McCoy was working for the shop helping produce the arm. Shawn and I had been filming hunts for quite some time, but simply to have the memories to share with families and friends. Shawn had known Larry for quite some time and we started hunting and filming together. Originally the plan was to produce a DVD promoting the tree arm, but after putting all the work in to produce a DVD we decided that we wanted to look at the television side of things. It all took off from there!

My role with HB has changed greatly over the past few months. Shawn and I are becoming much more involved with the business side of things including managing partner relations, working with the website and online store, and overseeing the production of the show. There is a lot of work that goes into our production and I am glad to be getting my hands dirty in it!

So the new season of Heartland Bowhunter is premiering tonight (Wednesday), how excited are you for fans to see this new season and how would you say it went for you guys?

Mike: I am really excited for the premiere of Season 3. We had a very tough year over all as did a lot of people in the whitetail woods, but we had a good amount of success as a team. I feel that the hunt isn’t all about the kill. It’s about the whole experience – the ups and downs – and we try to portray that as good as we can to the viewers.

How is Season 3 different from the previous two?

Mike: You will definitely notice some changes with Season 3. We made some good strides with Season 2, but wanted to continue to improve the quality of our production and I think you will certainly see the progression throughout the season.  We also are diversifying ourselves a little bit with hunts out west for antelope, elk, and mule deer in addition to the deer and turkey hunts here in the Midwest. Additionally you will notice that each episode will feature multiple hosts, most likely the person hunting will be doing the spines for their hunt. HB was built around the team and we are getting back to the team feel this year.

So much has been made about the production value and incredible visual quality of Heartland Bowhunter. How do you guys achieve this kind of effect in all of your work?

Mike: Dedication. Everyone on the team is EXTREMELY dedicated to the camera. We rarely have freelance camera guys filming for us, in fact probably 90% of the video on the show is shot by one of the guys on the team. It is a ton of hard work and it takes a lot of time, but we all take pride in our work and it all makes it worth it when the final product comes together!

You’re a young guy, making it big in the hunting world. Do you have any advice for other young hunters out there?

Mike: Thanks Mark. None of us consider ourselves celebrities or feel like we have made it “big time” in the hunting world. We are just like everyone else out there, just hunting and having a good time. I realize that filming hunts is not only becoming more popular, but is also becoming much more feasible financially with the prices of HD cameras dropping. This is really great because now almost anyone can go out there and film hunts. Whether it’s just for fun, or if you are trying to produce high quality videos, I encourage everyone to give it a shot. I know one thing, there is nothing better than being able to share your experience in the woods with your friends and family…its truly priceless!

For more info about Heartland Bowhunter and to watch episodes online, visit the HB website.