Last night a buddy of mine tipped me off on an area near my home where he had seen some nice looking bucks a couple weeks back. He recommended I check it out myself and then look into getting access to farms in the area. So I jumped in the truck with my binocs and camera and went to check it out.

Well I wasn’t disappointed. I saw a boatload of does and young bucks, as well as 3 or 4 really nice bucks. At least 2 of them looked to be Pope & Young status and one of them I’d put at 140+! That makes it the largest buck I’ve personally ever seen in Michigan! Check out this quick video of a couple of the bucks I saw and make sure to stick to the end, because the film quality and deer size gets better and better!

Wired To Hunt: My Biggest MI Buck on Film from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.