Continuing with the theme of scouting out your top bucks in the summer, I’ve now gotten an exciting look at some of the dandy’s I’ll be chasing in Illinois this fall! I’m hunting this fall with Oak Tree Outfitters in Illinois and the owner, Josh, recently sent me a batch of trailcam pics from the farms! Needless to say, I was stoked to see the bucks and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I saw the boneheads that are starting to show up on camera. Even though I was really impressed with these bucks, Josh reassured me that there should be much bigger bucks showing up eventually, so I can’t wait to see those! I imagine these pictured bucks are even more impressive by now with a few more weeks of growth.

In just a couple weeks I’ll be heading down to Illinois to shoot a little video and help out some on the farm too. I’m looking forward to getting to see the areas I’ll be hunting and to start prepping for one of these Illinois giants! As far as I know, there are still a few openings at Oak Tree for this fall. So if you’re looking for a great outfitter to hunt with this fall, check out Oak Tree Outfitters! Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Oak Tree Outfitters of Illinois