UPDATE 3/7/2012: Since writing this article, I’ve actually had the chance to test an Ozonics for a full hunting season and I’ve written up a review. You can see my review by clicking the following link: Gear Review: Ozonics HR-200

My inbox today contained an email from Deer & Deer Hunting in which I found a press release about a company called Ozonics. Now I’ve heard about Ozonics quite a bit over the last year, but haven’t dug into it too much. That being said, I figured that now is as good a time as any to do a little research myself and share it with the Wired To Hunt Nation. Ozonics is certainly creating a new product in the hunting industry that is fueled by technology, so it only seems right to give it a shout out on W2H. So what is Ozonics?

In a nut shell, Ozonics creates small tree-mounted machines that emit ozone, which is a gas that floats along with your scent down wind and neutralizes it. At the White Knuckle Productions video school, Todd Pringnitz had nothing but good things to say about the ozonics machines he’s used, so I started to pay attention. It certainly seems like an innovative idea, but I have yet to try one. None the less, it’s an interesting looking product and another creative solution to the always important scent issue with whitetails. Below I have posted the press release containing more information about Ozonics products, as well as a video created by Todd Pringnitz about the ozonics machines. Take a look and if anyone has used one of these before or is planning on it, let us know your thoughts!

If you’re an avid Bowhunter, chances are you’ve tried every kind of scent elimination product known to man. Well, what would you say about an electronic scent control device that eliminates human odor downwind? You’d probably be a bit skeptical, right? What if we said it is GUARANTEED to work or your money back? You would probably rush out and buy one. Get ready for your life to change!
Introducing the new HR 150 (standard unit) and HR 200 (premium unit) from Ozonics. This is no gimmick. This is electronic scent control and it really works!
An Ozonics HR 150 or HR 200 device produces ozone, a naturally occurring cleansing agent found in the earth’s atmosphere, to effectively deodorize human scent from the body, clothing and equipment of a hunter or sportsman. It also removes odors (natural and bacteria derived) in the air emitted from an individual’s skin and mouth. The HR 200/150 can be easily transported by a hunter/sportsman, and is easily mounted in a blind or tree stand with the supplied mounting device.
Ozonics technology is unique, eliminating airborne human and equipment odors by just using the device as directed; mount it, turn it on, then let it run quietly and effectively so you can hunt with confidence. This device will change the way hunting is done today and allow hunters to see and harvest animals they never thought were attainable.
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Ozonics Hunting Products, the HR 150 and HR 200 offer the highest standards in Electronic Scent Control available today. For more information contact Ozonics Inc. P. O. Box 598 Lake Jackson, TX 77566. For customer service, please contact us at 979-285-2400 or email us at . Website is .www.ozonicshunting.com.