It’s that time of year that we all love checking our trailcams to see how our local bucks are putting on the inches and I am no different. Every time I hike out to a camera, I feel like a 7 year old on Christmas morning. I just can’t wait to see what this batch of pictures has in store! But recently I’ve been getting a few too many bad Christmas sweaters when checking my cams and not enough iPads or Red Ryder BB guns! What I mean by this is that the last two times I’ve checked my cameras, I’ve been greeted by the disasterous situation of having no pics on the card!

How could this happen? Well let me count the ways… First off, my Wildgame Innovations IR4 has seemed to go off the deep end. When I turn it on, the two status lights stay lit and won’t go off. Which essentially means that my camera is locked in stand by. So no pics and unfortunately since I forgot to send in my registration card, no warranty to replace it. Looks like I’m SOL on this one.

Not long after this experience, I headed out to check my newer Moultrie i40 camera. With great anticipation I slipped the SD card into my Mac and to my dismay, once again, no bloody pics! I went back and looked at the camera and noticed that the batteries had died, but when I left the camera last, the battery power was at 87%. So I still don’t understand how it took no pictures at all. So there I was, two cams checked, that had been left out for several weeks and no pictures to be found. In addition to this issue, my Moultrie continues to have issues switching from “set-up” to “on”. What this means is that I usually need to turn the cam on and off  10-20 times before it will finally switch over to “live” mode. Talk about a pain in the keester.

Since these issues, I’ve decided to try my luck with another camera and I recently purchased a Bushnell Trophy Cam. In addition to having a good warranty, reviews have been strong and the trigger speed is supposed to be pretty awesome. With all of my previous cameras I have had a lot of empty frames, so trigger speed is going to be a priority for me in all future cameras. I just set my TrophyCam up on a soybean field two nights ago, so I will be patiently waiting a couple weeks and hopefully I’ll have some great pics of my resident bucks!

So my point of all of this is two-fold. Be warned of these issues with the Wildgame IR4 and the Moultrie i40 and secondly, don’t go cheap on trailcams if you can afford  it. So that being said, I’m interested in all of your experiences with different trailcam brands. Which of these trailcam brands have you been the happiest with?

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