We are getting closer and closer to the season and to hold me over I’ve been driving around the countryside lately, camera in hand, scoping out the bucks in the surrounding areas. It’s actually become quite a serious addiction and every time I spot a nice buck I get more and more excited for the fall. Over the last week I’ve spotted a number of really good deer, all very close to my property, so my expectations for my farm are steadily rising. Here are a couple images I pulled from the film of a few of the nicest bucks I’ve seen in the area.

I apologize that the quality isn’t very good, unfortunately I always seem to see these deer at the very farthest reach of my camera’s zoom. Hopefully you can get a decent idea of the size of these bucks. That being said, I’d be interested in your opinions on what class bucks these are. My guess is that the top buck is maybe a low 130 and the second buck is closer to 140. I know these pics aren’t ideal for field judging, but what do you guys think?