Wired To Hunt is all about the next generation of hunting and I’m excited to share with you the fact that I’ll be testing some of the most revolutionary new hunting gear this fall and sharing my experiences with the Wired To Hunt Nation. This hunting season I’ll be wearing Sitka Gear, testing it in every extreme that whitetail hunting has to offer and then sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all. Sitka has realized that the Wired To Hunt Nation includes some of tomorrows best and brightest hunters and have been gracious enough to fully outfit me in their gear so that I can share with you all if this gear is really fit for the next generation of hunters. From everything I’ve seen and read in the past, this is the creme de la creme of hunting clothing, but I’m not taking anyone’s word for it. I’ll be stalking through swamps, sitting through blizzards and hiking ridge after ridge to truly test this gear and report back to you.

For those of you not familiar with Sitka Gear, it is a truly unique type of hunting clothing and is particularly unique in the whitetail world. Sitka was originally created for hunters out west who were hiking up mountains, fording rivers and braving the backcountry wilds. There was a need for clothing that was truly performance oriented, but camo clothing at the time wasn’t utilizing the best technologies available. The founders of Sitka borrowed some ideas from the hiking and climbing industry and began utilizing the most technically advanced fabrics and processes for creating high performance gear. Over the last couple years Sitka Gear has become the pinnacle of hunting gear worn out west and it seems to be generally agreed upon that their quality is unsurpassed. With technology like Gore Windstopper and Paclite shell materials, DWR treatment and an athletic fit, Sitka has made supremely durable, waterproof and breathable hunting gear. In addition to being comfortable and functional, the new Sitka utilizes Optifade camo, which is the first camoflage designed specifically to fool deers eyes, utilizing scientific research on how deer see.

Recently Sitka Gear has fine tuned it’s line of gear specifically  for whitetail hunters. This new line features a new variation of the optifade camo, which has been aptly named forest. Forest optifade was created specifically with whitetail tree stand hunters in mind, it should be ideal for tricking the eyes of whitetails looking up into our trees. In addition, the new Incinerator, Stratus and Downpour series of jackets/pants have been added, specifically created for the situations whitetail hunters find themselves in. Sitka Gear  is based on wearing their clothes as a layering system, with base layers, insulation and shells being the three main components. I will be wearing this year the core and traverse base layers, the Kelvin vest for insulation and the Stratus Jacket and bib as my outer shell. Click here for more info about the new whitetail specific products from Sitka.

This year I’ll be running a hunting gauntlet stretching across Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Illinois and possibly even more states. This whirlwind adventure will be a true test of Sitka Gear and I’ll be sure to share all of my experiences with you, the Wired To Hunt Nation.

For more information about Sitka, visit their website here. Sitka Website

Have any of you used Sitka Gear before? How has it worked for you?