Being a blogger and a hunter, it probably won’t surprise you that I like to read of lot of other hunting blogs on the internet too! These days you can find everything from deer hunting stories, to recipes to videos of past hunts. Anything you can find in a magazine, book or tv you can now find on the internet. So although I certainly appreciate you reading Wired To Hunt, I thought I would also offer you a few more suggested reads. Below I have listed, in no particular order, the top 10 blogs that I am currently following. They range from blogs ran by big corporations to websites created in the basement without a dime, but they all share one thing in common. They are ran by dedicated and passionate hunters and I think that you’ll all find a site or two in this list that you’ll want to follow in the future!

  • features blog posts from a number of authors, including Todd Graff, Justin Zarr and many more. Posts are centered around bowhunting, but most are related to whitetail hunting and the preparation that goes along with it. I also really enjoy the videos and reviews that produces, really great stuff.
  • Whitetail 365: Field & Stream’s 365 days a year whitetail blog is one of the best on the internet. Scott Bestul is the man behind the scenes and along with being a great outdoor writer, he was also one of the first people in the industry to offer me a helping hand as I began my blogging journey. Whitetail 365 is one of the most consistently updated hunting blogs and the quality of content is great too. Look for great news, stories and tips from one of the best whitetail hunters and writers in the industry.
  • QDM Works: QDM Works is the online home for the works of Lindsay Thomas Jr, editor for Quality Whitetails magazine of the QDMA. This blog is relatively new, but super high on the quality spectrum. Lindsay has been posting some great articles and tips for anyone interested in how to practice quality deer management the right way.
  • HB inMotion: This is the Heartland Bowhunter blog and on par with everything else they put out, it’s top notch. HB inMotion includes plenty of updates from the HB team throughout the year with tons of great photos, videos and stories. Whether or not you’re a Heartland Bowhunter fan, this is a great blog for any whitetail hunter to check out. PS check out a recent photo of a buck that Skyler is chasing called “Dozer”, he is an absolute beast.
  • Big Buck Zone: This is Outdoor Life’s primary deer hunting blog and it’s another consistently updated blog (which is sometimes a rarity with a lot of hunting blogs). Look for lots of great big buck stories and other news in the whitetail hunting world.
  • Live Hunt: Live Hunt is another great blog and it’s ran by Mark Seacat, an awesome hunter and another great guy. Live Hunt follows Mark as he goes across the country hunting almost every type of big game imaginable. Last year he was chasing elk, sheep and antelope. This year he has added whitetails to the hit list! Definitely worth checking out during the season for updates on his journey.
  • Dream Dirt: Dream Dirt is the journal of two land auctioneers for Whitetail Properties. Jason and Chad share with you their lives on a hunting farm, as they manage and hunt their properties. Lots of great information about land management, whitetail hunting and gorgeous photos to boot!
  • Record Quest: This is a brand new blog from Outdoor Life that follows Andrew Mckean as he chases world record whitetails across the country. There isn’t much on the blog yet, but it looks to be an exciting one to follow once the season kicks off.
  • Passion or Obsession: Here is an up and coming blog that I’ve been enjoying, as one of the Midwest Whitetail teams documents their work and preparation before and during the hunting season. Look for a new web design thats on its way shortly.
  • Midwest Bowhunter: Another blog from a Midwest Whitetail team, check out the updates from Scott and Bo as they chase the monster bucks of Kansas and Missouri.

Any others you guys would add to the list? We’d love to hear you’re suggestions in the comments!