As far back as childhood, I can remember dreaming of living like the stars I watched on TV. But it wasn’t the Backstreet Boys or Bret Favre that I was jealous of. It was the hunters I watched every Saturday morning, that hunted across the country every fall, chasing monster whitetails across the Midwest for months on end. It seemed like a far fetched dream to ever imagine hunting deer in Iowa or Illinois, let alone pursue trophy deer in Michigan, my home state. As I grew older my hunting ambitions grew stronger and my dreams expanded along with them, but it still seemed far fetched to ever see these dreams become a reality. But as strange as it is to say, it now looks like I will have the opportunity to live this fantasy. 2010 will be the year of my dream season.

Over the last couple weeks I have been piecing together my plans for this upcoming hunting season and I think it’s safe to say that I am in for a wild ride. As the result of the help, invitations and the generosity of various friends and family I have lined up a schedule this fall that rivals many of the adventures I have watched on TV or read about in magazines. I’ll be chasing whitetails with my bow from October 1st through February 15, across 5 states and two time zones. So although as we all know, plans are made to be changed, here is a look at what I currently have laid out for the 2010 hunting season.

As the leaves begin to change, October will see me focusing on my home stomping grounds of Michigan. With God’s grace and a little bit of luck I’ll be able to peg a mature Michigan whitetail and a couple of does to start off the season right. I have several properties in Michigan that I’ve been preparing and hopefully my plans will come together during these first weeks of my hunting adventure. I’m also hoping to help one of my best friends tag his first deer with a bow. I’m almost more excited about that than any of my other plans!

Things will really pick up speed as we enter sweet, sweet November and the real gauntlet of my epic season begins during the rut. As the first week of November ends I’ll be trekking cross country to Nebraska to chase monster cornhusker bucks. A  new friend of mine was kind enough to invite me out to this big buck state and I can’t wait to meet him and some Booners out there! After three days of all day rut hunting, I’ll pack up and hit the road again. This time I’ll be cruising back east to Pennsylvania, where I’ll join my uncle at his family deer camp in the south eastern corner of the state. After several years of point restrictions, this area of PA has begun to grow and maintain a good population of mature bucks and I’ll be excited to make my second trip to this awesome deer camp. After four days more in stand in Pennsylvania I’ll trek back to Northern Michigan and my own family deer camp. I’ll make it there just in time to catch a few more days of bow season and the gun opener.  Here I’ll be able to spend some quality time with family, recooperate from my travels and just enjoy deer camp for three more days.

Now the fun comes a stop for a few days, as I return to work Tuesday through Friday and catch up on a boatload of messages and projects. But once that Friday rolls around I’ll be back in the truck and headed up north for two more days of Northern Michigan hunting. After enjoying another weekend at camp, I’ll turn south again and make the hike down to the Booner state of Illinois! Starting that Monday morning I’ll be hunting those Illinois giants with Oak Tree Outfitters in Fulton county for five days. After hopefully wrapping my tag around some bone in the Land of Lincoln, I’ll head back home and finish off the weekend bowhunting on my farms in Michigan. At this point I hope I’ll have a hefty taxidermy bill, a truck that still runs and a lot of great stories to write about on Wired To Hunt!

Wow. Just typing that all out has me both exhausted and incredibly excited. In a 24 day period of November I’ll have hunted 19 full days in the woods, driven over 3,000 miles and hopefully tagged a couple monster whitetails. Upon my return to Michigan I’ll probably be in need of a good long break, some quality time with my incredibly understanding and supportive girlfriend and a couple cold beers.

That being said, my season will be far from over. I’ll spend the rest of December focused on knocking down a late season buck and a couple does in Michigan, while also helping a few of my friends get tagged out as well. My season in Michigan will come to a close at the end of December, but I plan on continuing the chase in Ohio from Jan through the middle of February. Finally, then, my hunting adventures will be complete.

Now some of you might read this and think I’m crazy, others will be jealous and some will find themselves somewhere in between. But for me, what I feel most is just fortunate. I’ve been incredibly blessed with wonderful people in my life who have helped me chase this dream, a job with great vacation time and countless other miracles along the way that have made this possible. It’s truly going to be a dream season and I just can’t wait for it to begin.

But enough about me and my plans. I’m more interested in hearing about yours! Anyone else have a crazy schedule planned or are you just hitting your home state hard? Lets hear it in the comments!