Quick update for ya, Wired To Hunt Nation! I  just saw that Deer & Deer Hunting recently released their annual archery issue and you can download it online for free, so  I figured I ought to let you all know. This is a really great resource and since it’s free, you can’t go wrong! I think this is a really neat format, as you can flip through the magazine on your computer, but also click links that will direct you to additional online content. It’s super easy to download and just as simple to read and browse through. As for highlights, look for some really interesting articles from noted whitetail writers Bill Vaznis, Chris Eberhart and Bob Robb!

So if you’re looking for some good (cheap) late summer reading, I’d definitely recommend downloading the free Archery Issue from D & DH. Just FYI, you will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view the magazine, so if you don’t have it, click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Click here to download the Archery Annual Magazine from D & DH