Yesterday I posted my plans for this season, in which I’ll be hunting across Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska and Illinois. It’s an awesome opportunity I have this year to hunt so many states, but I know that this is something that doesn’t come by very often. So it got me thinking, if couldn’t hunt all over the country, and I could only hunt one state…where would it be?

Would I want to hunt those Iowa giants or stalk through the Texas brush country searching for a monster? Or would we head to Ohio or Kansas or maybe New York or Georgia? Quality whitetail hunting abounds across the country now and I imagine if I had to choose just one state to hunt, I would have to consider more than just trophy potential.

How about the license costs these days, especially for non-residents. We are talking a pretty penny. For instance a non-resident license for Iowa is over $500 and in Illinois it is over $400! Not only are these states expensive, but you also need to apply for these licenses in a lottery. On the other hand you can head to Ohio and grab a tag for $150 the day before your hunt!

Here’s another thought, if I could only hunt one state, would I make the choice based on trophy potential or on the ability to hunt with friends and family?

I think for me, I would be torn between hunting at home in Michigan or heading to Iowa. The land of giants is awfully appealing, but I’m not sure I could ever give up the great times I have with friends and family in Michigan.

So I raise this question now to you, if you could only hunt one state this year, where would it be? Would you look for the best trophy potential, the best deal, or the best time with your family?

For reference, take a look at the top 10 states (as of 2006) for P&Y entries…


1. Illinois

2. Iowa

3. Kansas

4. Wisconsin

5. Ohio

6. Indiana

7. Minnesota

8. Missouri

9. Nebraska

10. Kentucky

And since 2000, here are the top 3 states for Boone & Crockett entries

Illinois (523), Wisconsin (442), Iowa (339)

Would love to hear your reasons for your choice in the comments, especially if you chose “Other”!

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