As many of you might remember, about three months ago I traveled to Iowa to participate in the White Knuckle Productions Film School and to visit some friends in the area. Well needless to say, I caught the Iowa “big buck bug” and I’m heading back to the Land of Giants this weekend! Now although I can’t hunt in Iowa this fall (I only have one preference point currently), I will be getting out this weekend to at least see and film a few of these monster whitetails.

My girlfriend and I will be visiting our friends in Davenport, Iowa and high on the agenda will be checking out some of my buddy Corey’s hunting locations for this fall. While out there, we’re planning on putting out some BB^2 in front of his trailcam, so I’ll be excited to see the pics he gets! Although it’s going to be hard to beat the pic, above, of his shooter buck “Shorty”, talk about a stud! In addition to seeing Corey’s property and checking his cams, I’m also hoping to get some great velvet footage to share with the Wired To Hunt Nation. Definitely looking forward to the trip and I’m sure this will only fuel my obsession with some day hunting this land of legends!

So while we are on the topic,  lets look at a couple interesting statistics in regards to Iowa’s big buck reputation and why that might be the case…

  • Iowa is #2 in P&Y Entries as of 2006
  • Iowa has had 339 Boone & Crockett entries since 2000 .
  • On average, 1 in every 235 bowhunters in Iowa enters a P & Y buck into the record books(In MI – only 1 in 8,507 bowhunters)*
  • Iowa has .71 bowhunters per square mile, in contrast, MI has 5.39 hunters per square mile*
*Data taken from “Precision Bowhunting” – John Eberhart