It was a busy week for me in the woods this week  as I was out working on various projects outside the last three nights. This past Wednesday I headed out to one of my properties to check a trailcam and clear out some shooting lanes. I was relatively successful on both fronts, although not necessarily comfortable. I was able to get my lanes cleared pretty well, but it took a little longer than I was planning on. My extendable saw ended up being a little more flimsy than I’d like and I struggled mightily to cut down 4 inch round limbs as I was being assaulted from the air via bomber plane mosquitos. I’m not sure if it’s something with the mosquitos around here or if I’m just developing a strange reaction, but recently I’ve been getting absolutely massive bumps from mosquito bites. In addition I feel like I’ve gotten more bites on my lips than I ever have in the past, if you saw my video posted on Monday, you saw an example of how this looks on me. Not good! haha.

After clearing my lanes I was able to check my trailcam and although I didn’t get any more pics of the couple shooters in the area, I was happy to see a couple up and coming bucks. I’ll be looking forward to seeing these little guys scooting through the woods in the next couple months and I’ll be crossing my fingers that the neighbors will let them go, to let them grow. With another couple years, these bucks ought to be pretty nice and I would love to see them grow to maturity. So this year remember, you’ll never get to see the big bucks you dream of if you don’t give the lil guys a chance to get there. So remind yourself and your friends…Let them go, let them grow.