There are few truisms as spot on as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this applies just as much to deer hunting as anything. For some, a trophy deer is any animal that can fill the freezer, while for others the only thing that will satisfy their craving is a Boone & Crockett buck on the wall. Is one or the other right? In my opinion, no, we all have different goals and aspirations and that in itself is the beauty of deer hunting. Whether you’re chasing a mature buck or a tender doe for the table, deer hunting is a joy and a true adventure no matter how you go about it or what you peg as your quarry. That being said, within each of us we must personally decide what we want our next season to revolve around and what aspirations we will have for opening day and beyond. For me, every additional year has seen my deer hunting goals change and evolve along with my experiences, skill and opportunities. And this year is no different, as my goals have certainly taken a turn north and in about a month and a half’s time, I’ll be aiming for the moon.

After nearly missing all of last hunting season, being stuck working in California, I am back on track and have a full season of hunting ahead of me. Last years goals were low, just get a deer in the 3 or 4 days I had to hunt, and luckily I was able to close the deal. That being said, I’ll be making up for that short season with a packed schedule and big bucks on the hit list. Given my new residence in a big buck region, the opportunity to hunt in some  other terrific areas and a full season of hunting I now have the opportunity to set my sights on a new class of deer. 2010 will be a year of transition for me, as for the first time I will truly have a consistent chance to harvest Pope & Young quality deer. That being said, my goal this year will be to shoot only a deer of 3 1/2 years or more and I aim to shoot at least one or two Pope & Young bucks. With a full season in the best area of Michigan and hunts in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Illinois I feel very confident that these are reasonable goals. If I work my tail off, play my cards right and hunt smart, I should have a chance at  a very high caliber of deer, so my plan is to not settle for anything less.

That being said, I’m curious where the rest of the Wired To Hunt Nation stands in regards to goals for the 2010 season? What would make this year a success for you? Will nothing but a 150″ deer make you happy or will you be tickling your trigger finger when the first buck of the season passes by your stand?

Deer hunting is truly  a little different for each of us, as we each find our own kind of enjoyment in the deer we chase, the company we spend time with and the memories we make. So my question for you is, in the 2010 season, what are you aiming for?