This past weekend was full of deer hunting related fun as I got some great accessories for my bow as birthday gifts and travelled to Illinois to check out Oak Tree Outfitters. But one of my favorite parts of the weekend was on Sunday, when my girlfriend’s family came over to cook out and shoot bows. It’s always a good time when I get to fling a few arrows down range, but this was a particularly enjoyable outing because I had the chance to watch a couple young bucks just getting started with a bow. My girlfriend’s nephew and step-brother both were just trying out bows for close to the first time and it was a blast to see them get started.

Elliot, the 6 year old nephew, was particularly excited about getting started with his new bow and making sure we all saw it too! Firing off arrows from about 4 yards out, he managed to stick quite a few fletchless arrows into the block. Although he may have sent just as many into the corn too! Lost arrows or not, this was the beginning of what I certainly hope is a long passion for shooting and bowhunting. In a few more years and after a bow upgrade or two, I sure hope I’ll get to see him stick a deer some day!

If you ever have the chance, take a young kid out to the woods or to the range, as often as you can. They are truly the next generation of hunters, and we all owe it to them and our sport to bring them into the fold. That being said, I’m curious who are the next hunters that you all are bringing into the hunting world? Post your shout outs for the next, next generation of hunters in the comments!