Over the past year I’ve discovered a tremendous deer hunting resource, accessible to anyone across the country, but hailing from my home state of Michigan. This invaluable resource is the Eberhart family! John Eberhart and his son, Chris Eberhart, have written several tremendous books and produced a series of incredibly informative instructional hunting DVDs. John Eberhart is one of the most succesful hunters in the state of Michigan and his son Chris has certainly followed in his steps closely. Chris has once again exhibited his hunting prowess and knack for writing in his most recent book, Whitetail Access. This is a book that I read from cover to cover in less than a week and thats something I haven’t done in quite awhile. Needless to say, I highly recommend Whitetail Access.

Whitetail Access is the journal of Chris living the deer hunter’s dream. As many of us have only imagined doing, Chris was able to take a complete season off to go hunt whitetails across the country. In this book ,  Chris brings the reader along for his journey, while enlightening us on his strategies for effectively and affordably hunting deer in some of the best big buck states across the country.

And when I say effectively and affordably, I really mean it. Chris isn’t hunting with outfitters, staying in fancy lodges or eating at 4 star restaurants in the off hours. No, you’ll hear first hand about the van he sleeps in, the cold cans of soup he eats for dinner and the ways he has found access to and hunts private and public land strategically in a short amount of time. This book is full of great tips about ways to save a few bucks during a hunting trip, as well as strategies for making your trip as fruitful as possible. One of my favorite things about the book is that he diagrams almost all of his hunting setups, so that you can see why he decides to hunt from certain locations. Chris seems to be a master at breaking a piece of land down and understanding how deer utilize it. There truly is a whole new set of strategies you need to use when trying to hunt unfamiliar land in a short period and luckily we are able to get some insight into many of these. Chris covers scouting these new areas quickly and disturbance free, how to and when to hunt certain areas, how to deal with nearby hunting pressure and a slew of other valuable topics.

That being said, this book ranks near the top of my list not only because of the information it provides, but also because of the story it tells. Few informative hunting books move at such a pace and cover such an interesting story along the way. Reading this book, I really felt like I was on a 4 month hunting expedition too! During his 4 months, Chris hunts across Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Missouri and it is a wild ride. So if you’re anticipation for the hunting season is driving you crazy in the next month or so, giving Whitetail Access a read might be just the ticket for you!

As I’ve mentioned, I would highly recommend Whitetail Access to any one of you. It is an information packed book specializing in strategies for finding access to and hunting private and public lands in away from home states. But possibly most importantly it is an enthralling tale of an amazing hunting season and a dream that many of us wish we could live. Pick up a copy of Whitetail Access and I can almost guarantee you’ll have a hard time putting it down and an even harder time waiting for your next chance to get out and hunt those amazing Whitetails!

For more info about Chris Eberhart or to pick up a copy for yourself, visit the Eberhart’s Bowhunting website here.