I know you all can feel it, deep down in your bones, hunting season is nearly upon us. For some of you it’s merely days away and for others there is still a month to go, but either way it can’t come soon enough. This was a sentiment I felt very strongly this past weekend, as I had the chance to make the trip down to the big buck land of Illinois. As many of you know, I’ll be hunting this fall with Oak Tree Outfitters in November and on Saturday we had the great chance to head down early, see the property and get acquainted with this monster buck haven. Sitting here now today, it’s hard for me to describe the excitement and anticipation thats running through my veins as I think about this trip. If my visit this past weekend told me anything, it’s that come November,  I’ll definitely be hunting in the right place, with the right people and I’ll have a great chance at some giant whitetail bucks.

Coming to Oak Tree for the first time, it was great to finally meet Josh the outfitting manager and main guide. Josh was super personable and obviously very knowledgeable about hunting big bucks and the properties we will be on. When we stepped into his personal trophy room, I was a bit star struck. It is literally filled from head to toe with bucks like the ones in the above picture and that was proof enough for me that I could trust Josh to set us up well! It sounds like the areas I’ll be hunting will be the main stomping grounds for a whole lot of bucks just like these, so I’m planning on seeing some monsters.

After getting to know Josh and chatting for awhile, we began a full tour of the property. It took us about 3 hours of driving around and exploring to see the main sections of the land and I left with high hopes for many of the different locations we checked out. Josh has got tons of great set ups and this is about as classic of a big buck property as you can get. Loads of crops and food plots, separated by thick timber, ridges and draws. It doesn’t get much better than that. In the picture below, you can see most of the area I’ll be hunting.

In about two and half months I’ll be returning to Oak Tree Outfitters but this time with my stick and string. What’s great about this trip is that we’ll be the only ones on the property and we’ll have relatively free reign to hunt it how we would like. For us it will essentially be a self guided trip, with Josh there to assist if we need it. I can’t wait to get back out there, develop a strategy and  then get in a treestand. As I’ve said before, I’m super excited about hitting the Illinois woods and Josh and Oak Tree Outfitters seem to be the perfect team to help get me out there. These guys are a class act and true big buck slayers. If any of you are looking to set up a last minute hunt for this fall, I believe Oak Tree has one or two openings left, so get in touch with Josh. You can visit the Oak Tree Outfitters website for more info and contact information. Look for video from my trip to come soon!