This past weekend I spent a few too many sweaty hours hanging in a tree, clearing out shooting lanes and doing last minute prep on various trees. This was hard work, especially in the 90 degree heat, but it could have been a lot harder. Luckily I was wearing a harness and linemans rope which allowed me to lean back and use both of my hands in the tree. The harness I was using is the new Gorilla Exo Tech and I was fortunate enough to have one sent to me to try. I’ve been loving this harness and it’s going to be super useful this year, that being said, I’m excited to share with you guys a chance to get your very own Exo Tech!

Today we’ll be launching a contest to find out who needs a safety harness the most! If you’ve ever had a close call in your tree stand where you almost fell or did fall out of the stand, we want to hear your story. Whoever has the craziest story or closest call gets a brand new Exo Tech harness sent to your home. The winner will also have their story shared on Wired To Hunt!

All you have to do is write up a quick paragaph or two explaining your incident and then email it to The contest will be open til Thursday at midnight EST and the winner will be announced Friday morning. This is a really awesome harness and it retails for $150 bucks! So make sure to send in your story to have a chance to win one of the most comfortable and technologically advanced harnesses to date.

Check out the video below for further details on the harness!