Well I’ve always said that hunters are the ultimate environmentalists and now we finally have a “green” product to show for it!
I recently ran across a new company called Big Green Targets and they are the creators of the first eco-friendly archery targets. Given the unique nature of the product and mission, I thought this was worth sharing with you all.
BGT has a full line of field tip and broadhead targets, they are made from 100% recycled products and they also accept old targets and recycle them for you! It seems like these are some pretty nice targets and the fact that they’re better for the environment is certainly a great plus.
Another factor that really appeals to me is the fact that these targets are affordable! You can get the basic field tip model currently for $30 and that’s pretty much unheard of for block targets. Prices go up from there as they get bigger and add more target features.

Here is more information from their most recent press release:

Each Big Green Target is 100-percent weatherproof, features double-sided targets on the front and back, and is built with 100% recycled heat bonded, layered foam that is capable of stopping arrows shot at 350 feet per second or more. While each target is designed to stop blazing fast arrows, they are also built with arrow ease-of-removal in mind to ensure an enjoyable shooting experience.

The “Green” in Big Green Target refers to the company’s commitment to the environment. Each target is produced from 100-percent post-industrial waste that, without being put to good use, would have ended up in a landfill. To top it off, Big Green Targets accepts all used targets for recycling as well, but don’t expect to wear them out any time soon because they are built to last.

For more information or to pick up a Big Green Target for yourself, check out the Big Green Target website.