30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. 0 good nights of sleep. The countdown has begun for me, as only one final month remains until my 2010 deer season begins. But it will be a long month, as I am unbelievably excited for opening day and the season that will follow.

Opening weekend for me will be an exciting affair. Several of my friends and my dad will be joining me at my farm to hunt the first couple days of the season. Hopefully one of my friends will shoot his first deer, my dad will shoot his first deer with a crossbow and maybe, just maybe I’ll see a surprise shooter on my property! It ought to be a great weekend of good food, great company and bloody arrows.

So my question for you is this. When is your season starting and what are your plans for opening day or weekend? Can’t wait to hear! Nothing beats the beginning of a new season!