For those of you that aren’t familiar, Archery Talk is one of the most popular and highly visited bow hunting forums on all of the internet. There are thousands and thousands of hunters that hit this site every day to share their stories and ask new questions. With deer hunting season upon us, I thought we could all use a general refresher on some good deer hunting tips, so I posed a question to the masses on Archery Talk. I asked them for their #1 deer hunting tip. From that question we had 90 people share their best deer hunting advice and from that I was able to pick the Top 10 to share with the Wired To Hunt Nation. So read on for 10 great deer hunting tips that any hunter, new or expert, should keep in mind this season…

  • Pick your battles, it’s better to hunt once with the correct wind than to hunt 10 times with the wind not in your favor. – Maximus
  • Doesn’t matter how good your stand location is, if you can’t get in and out undetected. – FlinginCarbon
  • Hunt 10-2 and during rain/snow. And remember,  the morning you want to sleep in, is the morning the biggest buck in the county walks by your stand. – Weegee
  • Your best chance at taking a mature whitetail is the first time you hunt a location. – sgspencer
  • In order to kill a deer you have to be hunting where deer are. Doesn’t matter the size of the deer, you have to be where they live.  – Jellio
  • Look for areas to hunt which other people overlook or simply will not go. Some of my best stands are in places where people wouldn’t even think to look. If its big enough for a buck to lay down and feel secure, thats where one will be. – jlh42581
  • Be determined-I’ll take will over skill anyday. – Timber Hawk
  • Aim small, miss small. – scissorhands
  • Early season find the FOOD, WATER, and COVER and you’ll find the deer. -mdnabors
  • A Positive attitude and/or belief in yourself and your hunting abilities….even when the going gets tough… the best ally a hunter can have. – Split G3

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