Last night a buddy and I did some drive-by scouting in the areas surrounding our hunting properties and we got lucky with an early sighting of one of my hit list bucks! Lefty, a buck I caught on trailcam earlier this summer, was walking a fencerow along a bean field a little before 7:00 in the evening. Definitely a shootable deer given this daytime movement and it was great to see him out of velvet. He looks to be a real nice 130 class buck and in MI that’s a dandy.

A number of other people are chasing this buck in the area, so chances will be slim that I’ll get a whack at him. But if I do, Lefty will be taking a dirt nap, thats for sure.

Check out this quick clip of Lefty…

Wired To Hunt: Hit List Buck – Lefty from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.