Big bucks are starting to drop all around the country and I’m loving all the great pictures and stories. It’s the beginning of what should be an awesome 2010 hunting season. With all this action heating up, we’ve seen a noticeable upswing in great hunting content across the web too. So here are my top blog posts from across the hunting web this week…

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Tactical Trail Cam Deployment – Stuck in the Rut (Petersen’s Bowhunting): Check out this new podcast episode as Christian Berg and Dr Grant Woods discuss trail cam deployment strategies for preseason and in-season scouting.

Missouri Opening Day Success! – HBinMotion: As you may have already seen on the blog, our buddy Shawn Luchtel of Heartland Bowhunter dropped a monster this week. Check out his post to see some really great pics of this 172″ beast on trailcam and on the ground!

A Pinball Machine for Whitetails – QDM Works: This is a great article about planning your property, even if it’s small, to keep whitetails bouncing around inside. Super insightful if you’re trying to manage your property to grow and hold big bucks.

Trail Cam Rotation – Non-typical Hunter: Another interesting article about strategic trail cam placement.