Another great batch of hunting blog posts from across the web for your enjoyment! Read on, enjoy and good luck hunting!

Keeping Tabs on the Harvest – A great post highlighting some tools for tracking the crop harvests in your area. We all know how crops can change the way deer behave, so these tools are really helpful in helping you make game time decisions when you can’t always get up to your farms.

How Some of the Lead Brand Attractants/Supplements Hold Up To The Weather – Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska QDMA Branch: Check out this study that Sean Wuller of Big & J is doing to test how deer attractant/supplements hold up to weather. Also check out his next post, which shows some of the results!

2010 Journal Entry # 1 – Midwest Bowhunter: Our buddies  Scott and Bo, members of Midwest Whitetail Great Plains, are heading to Kansas today! Check out their journal entry and follow their journey the rest of this season. They are after some monsters!

Too Much Management – Record Quest: Is there such thing as too much management for whitetails? Andrew raises the question and offers some of his opinions. Definitely interesting food for thought.

Where To Cut That Trophy Buck – Non-typical Hunter: Tips for caping out your buck! Definitely a good read since I’ll be doing this next weekend! (lol hopefully!)

Longitude: 00 Latitude: 7 – From Forest To Fork: A really funny post about dealing with the question of where your significant other is hunting! Make sure your husband or wife reads this one and remembers not to tell the whole town about your secret hunting spot!