Exactly 7 days from now I’ll be perched high in a swaying tree, soaking in the early morning sounds and watching the last of the moon disappear behind the branches. With a big grin plastered across my face.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to the beginning of hunting season more and opening weekend I know just where I’ll be. I’ll be sitting sentinel over my little hunting plot, and most of the time with a camera in hand instead of a bow. One of my best friends, Josh Hillyard, and my father will be joining me in camp and I plan on trying to video one of them getting us some fresh backstraps! I’m almost more excited for one of them to get a deer than me. I’ve been getting lots of trailcam pics of deer hitting my foodplot and I’m thinking this will be the perfect spot for Josh to shoot his first deer and for me to capture it on film.

As you can see in these picture there have been plenty of doe hitting the plot, but also the buck seen below. And believe it or not, that is the largest buck I have seen on my farm since I’ve moved here! Please don’t laugh. Haha. He’ll be getting a pass from me this year, but if he walks in front of Josh, that’s his call. He’d be a great first buck. That being said, I would really like to see what he could become next year.

Like I said, most of opening weekend I’ll be trying to capture my buddies first deer kill on film, but I’ll also take a night or two and try and get out to one of my big buck properties. Maybe put the drop on Lefty or Basket Rack! Good luck to you all hunting and to those finishing up on your last preparations before Oct 1st. I think 2010 will be an amazing season for us all.

Assuming you haven’t started yet, what’s your plan for opening weekend? Have a target buck in mind yet?