We’ve got a great story here today of Darin Bornemann’s spot and stalk whitetail!  Darin and his brother Brian are part of Bornemann’s Afield, an outdoor production group featuring the Bornemann’s family and friends pursuing the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing on video. The Bornemann’s season got off to a great start this year with a black bear and this whitetail already on film. This buck got a pass in 2009 and was given the name “Death Row” because they figured someone in the area would knock him down and if not, the next year their team would! Well last week he showed back up, so read on to see how the hunt played out in the words of Darin…

“This buck was a shooter. And, if by some divine intervention, the sun was at our back. It was the perfect set-up for a stalk. I grabbed my bow and it was game on.

The buck was on a mission to feed. On this morning, it looked to be ferns that he was craving. I stayed downwind of him, using what little cover this hemlock forest gave us.The sound of my movement was hidden by the rush of the steady breeze. 50 yards and closing…Tim dropped back with the binoculars with a front row seat to the action. Brian trailed behind me with the camera. The buck was on a slow and steady pace. 40 yards and closing…Thick undergrowth was between us. The buck was still head down and feeding as my breathing deepened. Not nervous, but excited that we were in such a position and all the cards were dealt in our favor.

35 yards and closing…I needed to get to the logging trail just yards ahead to get an open shot. I left the camera man about 10 yards behind me as I inched across the trail. 26 yards….the buck was still oblivious. I drew on him and sent my broadhead sailing through both lungs. The buck squatted down and went into a dead run for about 40 yards. At which point he took his last breath and fell out of sight of the camera in the thick raspberry growth.”

To read the full story of this awesome spot and stalk hunt, check out the full post here…

The Stalking of the Death Row Buck

For more information about Bornemann’s Afield or their DVD “Highland Pursuit”, check out their website here.