The streak of great big buck stories continues to roll here on Wired To Hunt and we have one more great tale to share with the Wired To Hunt Nation this week. With many archery seasons about to open, there’s nothing I know better to get you ready for the hunt than to read a few success stories from your fellow whitetail addicts. As many of you know, I’ll be heading out to Nebraska in November to chase monster whitetails and it seems that my host in the cornhusker state has beaten me to the punch! Chad Searcey of Reality Driven Pursuits and my host in November, took an early season trip to his property in Nebraska and was able to put the smack down on a giant whitetail last weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able follow up this act with another BBD the first weekend in November! But until then check out a few details here of Chad’s hunt and then visit the RDP website to get the full story and watch the video!

“I  noticed a larger buck walking away from us at about 75 yards. I quickly grabbed my vector grunt call that I had in my pouch and hit it one time.  The big buck stopped and looked back at me. I hit the grunt tube one more time and he instantly started walking in our direction. The rest of the bucks and does also started heading in our direction. There was a small group of trees about 20 yards in front of us. The buck would have to step through the trees to offer me a shot.

As he quickly approached our location, I grabbed my bow and told Ben the big buck was coming in. The Nebraska bruiser stopped just on the other side of those clump of trees. I could see his feet and was hoping he would take a few more steps forward. After a couple intense minutes of watching him lick an overhanging branch, he stepped through the clump of trees and stood perfectly broad side for me at 15 yards.  I raised my Hoyt Turbohawk and waited for Ben to give me the “okay” to shoot.

The arrow screamed toward the big buck and crashed through his rib cage. The buck didn’t go far, dropping about 30 yards from our stand.” – Chad

For the full story and more pics, check out Chad’s post on Reality Driven Pursuits and watch the video of this kill as well!