It’s opening day of archery season for most states across the country and if you’re sitting here this morning reading this, I apologize. That means that you’re probably not out hunting and you’re probably pretty bummed about it. I’m in the same spot, but to make up for it here are some great hunting blog posts from across the web that ought to get you ready to stick a big one this weekend!

Make The Shot Count – Whitetail365: A quick piece about taking good harvest photos! Definitely an important topic if you plan on bagging a bruiser in the next couple days!

Bowhunting Success Requires Adaptability – A great blog post about the need to adapt in hunting situations and several examples of how this can be done. I’m sure plenty of us will have to adjust our well thought out strategies this weekend, so remember to adapt to the circumstances!

Corn Coming Out/Pictures Coming In – HBinMotion: The White Brothers are getting some great bucks on trailcam as the corn is being taken out, definitely have to check out this buck porn.

HuntMObile – HuntMO365: This is an awesome story of how an old golf cart was converted into the ultimate hunting utility vehicle! I’ve gotta make me one of these! You’ve got to check this out.