If you’ve followed Wired To Hunt for very long you are probably familiar with White Knuckle Productions and Todd Pringnitz (check out my interview w/Todd from Sep). Todd and the rest of the WKP team have been producing some of the best hunting DVDs to hit the market for the last couple years and I’ve had the pleasure of actually getting to know the team and learn from these guys at their film school this year. They are definitely a top notch group and you won’t find a much more dedicated team of hunters. That being said, I’m excited to share with you all that the WKP team won’t be limiting their productions to a once a year DVD any longer! We’ll now be able to follow Todd and the team throughout their whole season on the web with the release of Whitetails Inc, a frequently updated online web TV show done the White Knuckle way!

Here is a summary straight from Todd…”Whitetails, Inc. is a behind the scenes view into the seasons of my world. The web show that shares our season, with a level of quality never seen before. Deeper stories, with characters who’s passion translates beyond words and awkward interviews. A behind the scenes look into my life, the life of my friends, and our stories from the field. Whitetails, Inc. – the next generation of internet television…”

Check out the introduction video here and then visit the Whitetails Inc. page to watch the first three episodes!

Whitetails INC – 1001 “Introduction” from Kyle Reenders on Vimeo.