Happy Friday and good hunting to you all! My season has now been officially open for one week and it’s been a decent start for me. I’ve got one doe, only seen one buck, saw one other hunter on my property and got to sit a total of seven times. Hopefully things will only improve from here on out! This weekend, despite warm temperatures, should be a fun one and hopefully we’ll see some more horns!

That being said, here are some of my favorite blog posts of the week from across the web. Enjoy and good hunting!

Gear Guide: Rinehart 18-1 target – NYBowhunter: A solid review of the Rinehart 18-1 target. I’ve been intrigued by this target for awhile and from this review it sure sounds like it would be a good investment, since I’m looking for a good portable target to bring on trips.

Illinois Doe Down! Bowhunting Dream Come True – Bowhunting.com: Here’s a great story of Bowhunting.com’s newest staff member Cody Altizer as he takes his first Illinois deer!

Coyotes Picking Off Deer From Bait Station – The Rub Line: Really interesting trailcam photos of coyotes ambushing some doe in front of a trailcam! It didn’t end well for the doe…

The Deer Are Moving! – Non-typical Hunter: Marc Anthony shares reports that people are seeing in regards to good deer movement and early rut activity. Time to start molding your strategy for the “October Lull” and you’ve got to take recent activity and weather into consideration. This article is a good place to start.

Wyatt Urp – Big Buck 411 Blog: A great story of a giant whitetail taken by using two different grunt calls to sound like multiple bucks. Good idea I’d say!

And on a final note, good luck to my Michigan State Spartans! Beat Michigan!