We all love to debate popular hunting topics such as the timing of the rut, how the barometer effects deer and what broadheads are best. But today lets tackle a big one…What do you think is the single best week of the year to hunt?

Well, according to a recent article in Deer & Deer Hunting the absolute best week of the year for hunting big bucks is the second week in November! (shocker, right?) Based purely on looking at the dates of kills in the P & Y record books, it was found that the greatest percentage of Pope & Young deer were taken between Nov 8 and 14. That being said, lets look at a few other interesting findings from this study.

  • The top three weeks of the year for P&Y bucks are the last week of October and the first two of November (52.9% of P&Y bucks were shot during these weeks)
  • 54.5% of all P&Y bucks were killed in November
  • The best day in October is the last, October 31st
  • The best day overall to kill a P&Y buck was November 11, with 3.4% of all P&Y entries taken on this day!

Pretty interesting data here, but nothing too earth shattering. Most of us would already say that those first two weeks in November are the best, but it’s always nice to see the numbers that back it up. You can check out all the details from this interesting piece in the most recent issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.

You guys agree with these numbers? Lets hear it! I’m interested in knowing, if you’ve shot a deer or multiple deer during that second week in November let us know! I personally have killed 3 bucks during that seven day period.