This year I’ve been wearing Sitka Gear in the field as I chase whitetails and the results have been impressive. Sitka Gear has a long reputation of being the ultimate hunting gear, especially out West and this year they have made an amazing transition into the whitetail hunting world. With the introduction of the Forest Optifade pattern and whitetail specific pieces such as the Stratus and Incinerator Jackets/Bibs, whitetail hunters now have a world class system from Sitka designed specifically for our hunting needs.

Throughout the season I’ll be posting my own reviews of the different garments I’ve been wearing, as well as sharing my experiences using Sitka in the field. But in the meantime I’d encourage you all to check out the video below, as Jeff Simpson details how to most effectively use a layering system for whitetails with Sitka Gear. This is essentially the same system I’ve been using, so stay tuned for my 2 cents as well!

Whitetail Layering from Sitka Gear on Vimeo.