It’s mid october and things, as usual, seem to be slowing down for hunters. My sighting have certainly plummeted this week, but luckily I can see the rut at the end of the tunnel! Couple more weeks and the action will really start picking up. In the meantime, here are some my favorite blog posts from across the hunting blogosphere! Enjoy and good hunting!

Hear It From The Hunter – Huge Opening Day Typical – Whitetail365: A great story of success during the opening weekend of Wisconsin’s hunting season. A very impressive deer, definitely worth checking out.

It’s Hot…You Shoot A Deer…Do This! – Mike’s Big Deer Blog: Great information about how to take care of your recently killed deer during hot weather! In mid october you never know what the weather could be like, so make sure you are prepared to properly take care of your deer/venison!

The Cooler Weather Paid Off – Non-Typical Hunter: A great story of Marc Anthony’s awesome buck he shot from the ground! Great pics too, this deer is an absolute giant.

Hunters Connect: Wired To Hunt – Field Journals: Shameless plug for an interview that I did with Field Journals talking about Wired To Hunt!