Time is running out for me in Michigan and I’m left with only two weekends to hunt before heading out of state for the rest of November! I’ve been patiently waiting for the last week in October to head to my better spots and the time is finally here! It’s been tough not going to these spots so far this season, but I’ve wanted to avoid messing up my best stand locations before the optimal time. But now with the pre-rut upon us and only two weekends left for me to close the deal, it’s time for me to hit it hard and get one of my hit list bucks down.

Given my time constraints I’m hitting my hot spots now and hoping that some pre-rut action will get started.  The weather this weekend looks a little warm, but scattered showers might help increase daytime movement. I’m still undecided in regards to sitting all day or not this weekend, but I’ll definitely be out there all day during Halloween weekend. I’ve got one location that will be particularly dynamite if the bucks are on their feet and seeking already, as it’s a perfect funnel through a swamp between two large bedding areas. So hopefully I’ll be able to stick a love sick cruiser!

In these spots I’m hunting this weekend I’ll be specifically targetting two of my hit list bucks, Lefty and Basket Rack. I’ve gotten video of them both and trailcam photos as well for Lefty. Lefty in particular has been a very visible deer this summer and fall. Friends of mine in the area have spotted him in the daylight walking along the road, crossing cut beanfields and generally making his presence known. He wants to get killed. So hopefully, I can take care of that for him.

All that being said, with time winding down, we’re going to go for broke the next two weekends and see if we can get a Michigan stud on the ground. We’ll definitely let you know how the weekend goes, good or bad. Cross your fingers for us!

Check out my two target bucks below…


Basket Rack