The rut is so close I can feel it in my trigger finger. In the next couple weeks I’m going to be hitting it hard and I know a lot of deer will be hitting the ground all across the country. Good luck to you all as we’re entering this early rutting action and make sure to share your stories with the Wired To Hunt Nation! Today we’ve got some great deer hunting info and stories from across the web, so check out these awesome hunting blog posts!

Big Buck Down In Illinois – Here are some great updates from the crew and Todd got a great buck on the ground. Check out the pics and video here.

Realtree Weather Application – Stuck in the Rut: I’ve been meaning to write a post about this awesome iPhone app from Realtree, but Stuck in the Rut beat me to it! Check out this weather app directed specifically to hunters, pretty cool stuff. Hopefully there will be an Android version soon!

Review:Venison Wisdom Cook Book – Non-typical Hunter: A great review of what I’ve heard is a really good wild game cook book. Check it out and then pick up a copy. Speaking of venison, I hear from my girlfriend that we’re eating bacon wrapped venison steaks tonight!

Bucks Sparring and Scraping – North Central Rut Reporters: Here is a great rut status update from Scott Bestul of Field & Stream. The pre-rut is here!