I love trail cameras. Every time I pull out a memory card I get so excited that it would probably make my girlfriend jealous! With action heating up and bucks getting on their feet I can only imagine my trailcams will be picking up even more giants in the coming weeks. But this past weekend I was greeted with two real nice buck porn surprises. One was on a trailcam of mine in MI and another was sent to me from Josh at Oak Tree Outfitters, where I’ll be hunting in about a month!

Obviously this GIANT is out in Illinois and he is just one of many down there that are deserving of an arrow from my quiver. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need an extra pair of underwear for my hunt out there, because I just might freak if I shoot one of these studs. Can’t wait to get down to Oak Tree Outfitters in the Land of Lincoln!

Now in comparison to that Illinois buck, this guy looks a bit wimpy, but give him credit cause this is a pretty nice Michigan buck! What I really like are his big ole split brow tines. If he steps in front of me next weekend he’ll get punched in the shoulder, thats for sure.

Stick with us over the next four weeks because we’ll be chasing these bucks across Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Illinois. It’s going to be a wild ride!