In recent conversations with Matt Drury of the Drury Outdoors team, I got the inside scoop on a new feature on their website called the Inner Circle and I was so excited about it, I had to share it with the Wired To Hunt Nation. Mark & Terry Drury and the rest of the team are some of the most skilled and experienced whitetail hunters in the woods and they truly put together some great hunting DVDs and shows. If you haven’t seen a Drury Outdoors production, I’d highly recommend it. That being said, when I heard that there is a new way to stay up to date and learn from the Drury Outdoors team, I was excited.

The Inner Circle is essentially a daily video blog and journal from the Drury Outdoors team that we can all get access to. Every day Mark, Terry or other members of the team are sharing their strategies for the day, how their hunts have been going and tips for hunting the current situations. There are few better or more experienced hunters to try and learn from, so I certainly see this as a great resource.

In addition to getting access to the video journal, you also get a Drury Outdoors tshirt, decal and entered into a drawing for a free hunt on Mark & Terry’s farms! It looks like the winner will get a 3 day gun or bow hunt on Terry’s farm and a 3 day hunt on one of Mark’s farms. You’ll get to stay at their homes, have all meals and accommodations covered and get to see some incredible deer! As an added bonus, the hunt will be filmed and could be featured on one of their shows or DVDs. Talk about an incredible experience. It costs a little over $20 to join the Inner Circle, but given the great info, t-shirt, decal and entry into the contest I think the cost is easily covered.

Aside from the Inner Circle, the Drury’s have a lot of exciting things going on. I know a lot of the team was just at Hadley Creek Outfitters for their Dream Season group hunt, Jon Lester of the Red Sox is hunting with them soon, as well as Aaron Lewis of Staind, Craig Morgan and Jim Thome!

All in all this season is shaping up to be a great one for the Drury’s and Co and we’ll continue to post some of their best bucks on Wired To Hunt. The Inner Circle is going to be a great resource for big buck fanatics across the country and I’d definitely recommend checking it out. I am a paid member my self and I’ve been really happy with what I’ve seen so far. Great up to date big buck information from some of the best in the industry. Doesn’t get much better than that.

To learn more about the inner circle and to join visit the Drury Outdoors site.