Our friends over at Whitetail Properties have certainly had a busy October and I can only imagine things will pick up even more speed now that November is at our doorstep! Over the last couple weeks Whitetail Properties team members Dan Perez and Pete Alfano have dropped some absolute giant whitetails and lucky for us, they were willing to share their stories with the Wired To Hunt Nation. So lets take a quick look at these monster bucks and the stories of hard work, land management and smart hunting that led to their demise.

Two Illinois Giants for Dan Perez

On Oct 3rd Dan and Joe Ogden headed to Dan’s personal farm.  It was a little warmer than they would have liked but it was the best the week’s forecast had to offer.  They were hunting a blind called the Green Hornet because their last outing revealed a very old buck called “No Score” was using that area. As the evening progressed several deer entered Dan’s Imperial Whitetail Clover  Plot, but no, ” No Score.”  Then at about 6:15pm Joe looked out the window and said “here comes “No Score.” As he fed along Joe and Dan got ready for action, then all of the sudden the old buck saw the other bucks across the field and started trotting in their direction.  There was no time!, Joe zoomed in on the buck with his camera as Dan threw open the window and launched a Rocket Sidewinder through his ribs as he ran past the blind!

A few days later the wind was blowing out of the northeast as Joe and Dan slipped through the woods headed to the ‘ranger blind.’  On the way they talked in wisper about a close encounter they had the week prior with a 13-pointer they called ‘busy.’  After a short time in the blind they were covered up with deer, it was a perfect evening.  Then about  6-olock or so Dan said “is that busy?” and sure enough … it was “Busy!”  When Busy entered the field he immediately started pushing the other bucks around, then he locked into a clump of pearl Millet and stated thrashing it to bits.  Soon after he profided a perfect 33-yd broadside shot. Dan drew back his Bear Attach and unleashed a Trophy Ridge arrow that was tipped with wound ripping Rockett Sidewinder Arrohead.  Dan’s second tag was now matched to its own deer, Busy!

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Pete Alfano Keeps Rolling in Kentucky

We had just climbed into the stand and a yearling buck had already got on his feet moving. We were covered up with the deer the whole night and saw a few up really nice 2 and 3 year olds. With the sun setting I got one of my feelings like something was about to happen. I started noticing a younger buck looking down a dozer trail and acting like dad was coming and I better get home cause the street lights are on, you all know that feeling right?  The cover on this property is so dense because of an ice storm a few years ago its really tough to spot deer moving thru the timber. I picked up my Nikons and scanned for 5 minutes back and forth as far as I could see down the road. I finally caught a quick glimpse of brown moving in our direction about 80 yards out. I had one opening that I knew the deer would walk thru still around 65 yards out. It took me half a second to recognize this buck as a shooter. I wasn’t sure which buck it was but it was superheavy and looked like a brown cow walking in our direction. It took the buck 15 minutes to walk another 20 yards. He moved so slowly being cautious with every step like most mature animals do. Lucky for me I had a doe come down the opposite way down the road walking head on to the buck. The doe turned down the T road and headed right to our stand, once the buck saw the does movement and she turned towards us, he let his instincts down and followed her right in front of us. It was only a matter of time that he turned and gave me a 22 yard broadside shot. The 2 inch meat seeker broadhead zipped thru both shoulders and he crashed 25 yards behind my stand. The deer was later estimated to be 6 years old and weighed 284 pounds live weight.

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