I’m so excited to be able to share with you all the incredible story of how our good friends Bo Parker and Scott Mensing put down a true Kansas giant and  their #1 hit list buck, Potato Digger. Bo and Scott are members of the Midwest Whitetail team and fellow bloggers on their site Midwest Bowhunter and I’ve really come to enjoy following their hunting journeys over the past year. The history for Bo and Scott with this buck is phenomenal and the fact that they were able to specifically target this deer and actually take him is a mark of true hunting prowess. So lets take a look at a few details of this incredible hunt and then visit Midwest Bowhunter for the full story and all the history. It’s a good one.

“In the summer of 2010, Digger was once again the first mature buck to show up on trail cam. It appeared that he hadn’t changed a whole lot, but his beams had amazingly grown even longer! He had officially reached the “Stud” level in our book as a 5.5 year old KS brute. We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to chase this legend again. His dominant nature was very obvious to us during the summer months as his aggressive demeanor towards other bucks showed even as early as July. He seemed to really command the corn pile… even when feeding near much higher scoring bucks, such as Crab Claw 9. Potato Digger was officially named the #1 buck on our 2010 hitlist… even though we had larger antlered deer to chase. Our history with him and his aggressive nature made him our top priority this year. We hung stands, built ground blinds, and planted food plots specifically for this deer. It was time to take down our old nemesis.

On Friday, October 22nd, around 6:45 PM, the final chapter of our quest for Potato Digger was written.

I don’t want to spoil the footage, so you’ll have to watch the Great Plains show on www.midwestwhitetail.com. I will say that it was an incredible hunt that involved rattling and some intense decoy action. I shot him off the ground and he dressed out over 240 lbs. His beams measured 28″+ and his green gross score was 148 1/8th. Harvesting him was the result of a lot of hard work and was truly a team effort. He belongs to Scott as much as he does to me. We earned this buck! I’d also like to say a special thanks to Craig Galey, our neighbor, for giving me the match to the 2008 shed that Scott found. I now have both matched sets and they will be displayed with the mount in some fashion.

Harvesting a deer like this is a truly humbling experience and it reminds me to give thanks to our loving father. Without you, Lord, none of this would be possible. Thank you for creating whitetails and giving some of us the passion it takes to chase them.” – Bo Parker

To read the full story, see pictures of Digger’s sheds, trailcam pics and lots of history read the full post on Midwest Bowhunter.

And to watch this exciting hunt play out on video, check out the most recent episode of Midwest Whitetail – Great Plains.