It’s almost Halloween and the best deer hunting of the year is just ahead of us! So quickly catch up on all the new posts here on Wired To Hunt, check out a few of these other recommended posts, and then get in the woods!

Without further adieu, some of my favorite hunting blog posts from this past week!

Insight on Eyesight – A great post about deer eyesight, always an interesting topic and certainly information that we can put to good use in the field.

Make A Mock Scrape Now – Big Buck Zone: Some quality tips on how to make a mock scrape and why now is a great time. The bucks are definitely hitting scrapes hard this week, so get out there give them another one to visit!

Possible New Pennsylvania State Record Buck – Absolute stud of a PA buck, hoping I might see one like this when I head to the Keystone State in a week and a half!

Funky Full Moon Rut – Mike’s Big Deer Blog: Mike Hanback’s thoughts on the full moon and how it will effect this years rut!